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Getting to Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is international, and is the largest airport serving the country of Switzerland. The passenger figures recorded for the end of year 2010 were 22.9 million. Zurich Airport is also a main hub for the airline companies of Swiss International Air Lines and Edelweiss Air, and is often referred to as the Kloten Airport, due to its close proximity with this town. The official code listed for the airport is ZRH. Motorists driving to Zurich Airport will find a number of prominent roads in the area, and that the airport lies at the centre of Switzerland’s road network. Driving from other cities to the airport is therefore quite easy. Directions to Zurich Airport are mostly considered quite manageable as well.

Zurich Airport is very nearby the city of Zurich, only 12 km, or 3 miles away, and is partially located in the towns and villages of Kloten, Rümlang, Niderrüuti, Baschenbüulach, Oberglatt, Winkel and Opfiken. These areas, along with others, make up the Canton of Zurich, a region located to the northeast of Switzerland, and of which Zurich is the capital city. Zurich is also the largest city in the country, and very important in terms of business, banking and finance. Although a city of business operations, over the years it has also become very popular amongst local and international tourists, and the airport of Zurich plays an important role in providing a gateway to the city and its nearby regions.

In terms of road access, many of the major ‘A’ roads lead in the direction of Zurich Airport, and from nearby exits and roads, the airport is well signposted. Locally, the grounds of the airport are known as the ‘Flughafen Zürich-Kloten’. The coordinates of the airport when using a satellite navigation system are 47°27′53″N 08°32′57″E. The Unterlandautobahn, or A51, is one of the roads leading directly to the airport from the north and south, and the Butzenbüelring is the road running directly past the airport’s terminal buildings.

Directions from the east of Switzerland to Zurich Airport  

Motorists travelling from the east of the country can use the major motorways of the A1, A2, A3, A5, A6, A12 or A20 in order to reach Zurich Airport. After the road has joined with the A51, drivers can follow the airport signs to the terminal buildings.

Directions from the west of Switzerland to Zurich Airport

From the western regions of Switzerland the same ‘A’ motorways can be used as those from the north of the country, but in an easterly direction. Once again, the motorways will join the A51, and motorists can continue to the airport.

Directions from the north and south of Switzerland to Zurich Airport

When travelling from either the north or south of Switzerland, motorists will also be able to use major motorways for easy access. Some of these include the A2, A3, A4, A14 and the A40. Exit the ‘Autostrada’ onto the A51, and head for Zurich Airport. Motorists driving to the airport should find that the roads are in good condition, and are well signposted, however, always allow plenty of time for your journey, as unforeseeable events can happen, and during rush hours, traffic may become congested. Allow time to find a suitable parking space at Zurich Airport and to find your correct check-in location. Parking at Zurich Airport is available in a number of multi-storey parking garages, and in long-term parking areas located slightly further from the terminals. Valet parking is another option. Passengers departing from Zurich Airport may also use the self-service check-in machines located at Check-in 3, or certain airline companies will allow mobile or online check-in procedures.

Zurich Airport consists of three terminal buildings. Terminal A and Terminal B are the longer standing buildings of the three, while Terminal E is the newer midfield terminal, added in more recent years. The airport has a large Airport Centre, in which passengers will find extensive facilities and services, including the largest shopping mall and food court in the country. For business passengers, there is a fully equipped conference centre, with several conference and meeting rooms of various sizes, and a large number of VIP lounges run by the airline companies of the airport. Some of these include the SKYTEAM Lounge, Panorama Lounge, Emirates Lounge and the Swiss First Lounge. There also banking and currency exchange services available, cash machines throughout the terminal, Internet connections and 22 smokers’ lounges located on the airside and public side of the airport. Families will feel right at home, as there are staffed nurseries, playrooms and nappy-changing tables. Zurich Airport is fully equipped to meet the needs of disabled passengers as well, with ramps and elevators, reserved parking spaces and accessible toilets.

Getting to Zurich Airport is easy even if you don’t have your own vehicle, as several bus services run from the centre of Zurich, and from other towns, to the airport on a frequent basis. The Swiss company ZVV operates the buses. Zurich Airport has a railway station as well, to which trains run every ten minutes from the main railway station in Zurich, known as the Zürich Hauptbahnhof. The airport’s station is the Bahnhof SBB Flughafen Zürich, and is located underneath the terminal. Underground trains also link the terminal buildings of the airport, providing efficient terminal transfers for all passengers. Another popular way to reach Zurich Airport is by taxi.