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Zurich Airport Taxis (ZRH)

Zurich Airport is located approximately 12 km, or 7 miles from the city centre of Zurich, and also very nearby the areas of Kloten, Oberglatt, Rümlang, Winkel and Opfiken, in the Canton of Zurich. The airport is therefore also commonly referred to as the Kloten Airport. The city of Zurich is the largest in Switzerland, and is the country’s capital city, financial hub and centre for tourism. Its airport is also the largest in Switzerland, handling over twenty million passengers per year, and serving as a very important gateway for business professionals and local and international visitors. Although trains and buses are available directly from Zurich Airport, many arriving passengers prefer to simply hire a taxi. Taxis are more expensive, but will take you directly to your next destination.

The buildings of Zurich Airport are large, and there are a number of terminals to navigate. Larger airports can be quite confusing at times, especially for foreign visitors who may not speak the language of the country, but Zurich Airport’s facilities are all well signposted, and there are help centres throughout the buildings. Terminal A and Terminal B are the older and main terminals of the airport, while the midfield terminal E is a newer addition. The terminals are a distance apart; therefore underground airport trains provide transport for passengers needing to transfer to another terminal. The new building is linked to the main terminal by the Skymetro underground trains. Once passengers are ready to leave the airport, they will find the taxi rank in front of the Arrivals 1 and 2 areas, and that there are always taxis ready to offer their services. However, taxis may also be reserved in advance of your flight to Zurich Airport.

The airport can be contacted to arrange taxi services at the following number:  0848 850 852, or the taxi company can be called directly for enquiries regarding their rates and services. Airport Taxi at Zurich Airport can be contacted at +41 (0) 44 366 61 31, and their fax number is +41 (0) 44 366 61 35. The Airport Taxi has an email address as well, for those who prefer to make arrangements online, at dispo@asataxi.ch. Passengers who require a more elegant form of transport can also arrange a limousine service from Zurich Airport. This service should be requested in advance, and is available from the companies of AAAAA GLM General Limousine Management GmbH (+41 (0) 848 007 007), Alliance Limousines (+41 (0) 43 499 62 88) and Chauffeur Driven Limousine Service, operated by Europcar, one of the leading car rental companies in Switzerland, and Europe in general. Europcar offers a range of limousines, as well as minibuses with a driver service. The websites for the respective companies can be found at http://www.glm-international.com, http://www.alliance-limousines.ch and http://www.chauffeur-drive.ch.

Since that Zurich Airport is so nearby to the centre of the city, a passenger’s journey by taxi will only take a few minutes, depending on the traffic conditions, and will cost about CHF 60, or approximately 42 Euro. Although taxis cost far more than a bus or train, they can be much more convenient. A taxi will always take you directly to your destination, and you will not have to worry about stops along the way, or getting from a train or bus station to your hotel. The taxi drivers are mostly always willing to assist with luggage, which is greatly appreciated after a long flight. Families with young children may also find a taxi service easier to manage than getting on and off buses, and business professionals who have little time to spare will find the journey by taxi to be quick and efficient. Passengers should however keep in mind, that there may be additional costs for luggage loaded, taxi services to and from the airport, and for travelling later at night or on Sundays and public holidays. In order to avoid been unnecessarily overcharged, passengers are advised to use only the official Zurich Airport taxis, and to discuss the taxi fare with the driver before leaving the airport. It is much more difficult to argue price once the journey has been made.

Taxis in Switzerland generally operate on a metered system, which is similar to the taxi services in most European cities. This means that there is a device in the car which records the number of kilometres travelled during the journey, and the taxi fare is calculated accordingly. The prices vary between the number of kilometres travelled, but in general, the first few kilometres are more expensive, and the longer the journey the less the rate charged per kilometre. There is also a mandatory charge of 15% for taxi services in Switzerland. Taxis are quite expensive in this country; therefore they are mainly used for journeys of shorter distances.

Another form of ‘taxi’ in Switzerland is the water taxis, or ‘wassertaxi’. They run from one end of Zurich’s lake to the other, and stop at a variety of destinations along the way. The water taxis provide a really scenic and interesting journey, and are very peaceful when compared to the usual hustle and bustle of city traffic encountered by ordinary road taxis.