Zurich Airport Guide

Low Cost Zurich Airport Parking

Zurich Airport is located approximately 12 km, or 3 miles from Zurich, the capital city of Switzerland. The airport is the largest in Switzerland, with over twenty million passengers per year, and Zurich is also the largest city in the country, and the business, financial and tourist hub of the region. Swiss International Air Lines and Edelweiss Air use Zurich Airport as their main base, and provide connections to a wide variety of destinations. Since that it is such a large airport, there are extensive facilities available for departing and arriving passengers, and a number of transport options from which to choose. Passengers arriving by car will find a large variety of parking areas at Zurich Airport, and there are areas dedicated to short and long-term parking.

Zurich Airport is a large construction consisting of three terminal buildings, which include the Airport Centre, where passengers will find the largest shopping mall in Switzerland. The airport also boasts the largest food court in the area. The midfield Terminal E is one of the latest additions to Zurich Airport, and is connected to the main terminal by the Skymetro, an underground-automated people mover system. The other two terminals, A and B, are also connected by an underground train system. On the grounds of Zurich Airport, over 12,000 parking spaces are available, in a number of car parks located nearby the terminal buildings. The car parks located a bit further away have lower costs than the nearer parking areas.

Multi-storey car parks at Zurich Airport

The main public parking areas at Zurich Airport are the multi-storey car parks of P1, P2 and P3. These areas each have around 2,000 parking spaces, and provide direct access to the terminal buildings. These spaces are mainly used for short to medium parking stays, as they are the more expensive areas for cars at the airport. Included in the parking of P3, there is also a special area that is very nearby the shopping area of the airport. Zurich Airport boasts one of the largest shopping complexes in Switzerland, as well as the largest food court in the region.

Another car park, named P6, is found next to the Operations Centre and the cargo building, while P5 is located a short distance from the terminals. From this parking lot, it is about a five-minute walk to the airport buildings, and therefore it offers parking at a slightly lower rate than the nearer parking areas. Parking in all these garages are open 24 hours a day, and the areas are considered to be quite safe and secure. The license plates of your vehicle may also be recorded, along with surveillance camera footage and intercom calls for the safety and security of all using the airport complex’s facilities. Motorists are not able to reserve a parking space in any of the parking buildings, but designated spaces on separate storeys may be reserved for frequent flyers, who have rented a parking space. The minimum rental period is three months.

Motorists who would simply like to pick-up or drop-off passengers at Zurich Airport may use the limited number of parking spaces in front of the arrival and departure areas along the access roads. Passengers can also be dropped off in the P3 multi-storey parking garage, on the Check-in 3 level. Motorists may not park in these areas for longer than fifteen minutes, and may also not leave their vehicles unattended. These areas are known as the pick-up and drop-off zones of Zurich Airport. Although an inner curbs side lane is at the Departures area, only motorists with an electronic parking permit or ticket may enter. Motorists / passengers who often use this area should perhaps then apply for an electronic parking permit. There are also barriers to the inner curbside lane at Arrivals and the P30 waiting zone.

Long-term Parking at Zurich Airport

The longer term parking areas at Zurich Airport are the most cost effective, and are found a short distance from the terminals. One of these areas are P60, with 657 parking spaces and specially reduced parking rates. The terminal buildings are about a ten-minute walk from P60. Shuttle buses may also provide transport from the parking areas that are located further from the airport buildings. The P60 parking lot is best to use for stays of a few days to even a few weeks. P40 is another long-stay parking area at Zurich Airport.

Valet Parking and Parking for the Disabled at Zurich Airport

Three companies offer valet parking services at Zurich Airport. The popular car hire company of Europcar offers valet parking, as well as Airportparking.ch. Motorists may also leave their vehicles in good hands with Sprenger Autobahnhof, located on the second floor of the Parking 3 garage. Valet parking is an excellent choice for those who are in a hurry and do not wish to find parking, or for motorists who simply prefer the convenience of having their car parked on their behalf. Families with small children and luggage may also find valet parking to be extremely convenient. Zurich Airport welcomes disabled passengers with a number of facilities dedicated to their comfort, including specially designated parking spaces in the multi-storey car parks (P1, P2 and P3), and disabled persons may use the inner curb side lanes by requesting a free electronic parking permit. The disabled person’s vehicle should clearly display their blue parking disc, parking card for disabled persons and their time of arrival.

Payments for parking at Zurich Airport can be made at the ticket machines in Swiss francs or Euros, or by credit card, Maestro Card or PostFinance Card. There are special discounts allowed for members of the TCS, or Touring Club of Switzerland, and visitors or passengers who spend at least CHF 60 or more, on the same day as when they leave the car park, at shops or restaurants within the airport may receive their first hour of parking for free. Further information regarding Zurich Airport parking at the Service Centre nearby the multi-storey car park P2 (+41 (0) 43 816 86 00).